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A Model for Student-Led Maker Clubs
Where things left off with the Himalayan Makers Guild in 2018. Read More ›

HMG Facebook and Instagram Pages
Our social media pages are now up and running! Read More ›

Night Light Exhibition
HMG students demonstrate their completed night-light circuits to teachers and classmates. Read More ›

New Member Recruitment
The HMG Team Leaders select and train a group of new students, helping them integrate into the latest club activities. Read More ›

Activity 12 - Soldering a Night-Light Circuit
After exploring a night-light circuit in previous activities, the club members solder the circuit permanently onto a board, with unforeseen challenges and much cause to revise the activity. Read More ›

Field-Trip to Karkhana Mela
Taking the students to explore an exceptional Nepali education company. Read More ›

Activity 11 - Ohm's Law and Resistor Values
Adapting the night-light circuit to be powered from a coin-cell battery. Read More ›

Activity 10 - Transistor Controlled Night-Light
Learning about transistors and using them to improve our night-light circuit. Read More ›

Activity 9 - Automatically Switching an LED using a Light Sensor
The students build a first-iteration prototype of a night-light circuit. Read More ›

Setting Up 10 Budget Soldering Stations
Parts purchased, prices compared, and lessons learned. Read More ›

Activity 8 - Introduction to Soldering
The Himalayan Makers Guild members try out soldering for the first time, and put our 10 new soldering stations to the test. Read More ›

Starting a Maker Club
A reflection on the past two months spent developing a Maker Club at SMD Boarding School in Kathmandu. How we chose the club name and logo, defined membership, and trained student leaders. Read More ›

Activity 7 - Conductivity and Breadboards
Testing the conductivity of different materials and looking under the hood of a solderless breadboard. Read More ›

Activity 6 - Open Building Session
Students work in teams to build a circuit from any of the parts they've seen so far, and we do a coarse evaluation of the learning outcomes. Read More ›

Activity 5 - Parallel and Series Connections
Registering the official members of the Himalayan Makers Guild, and using parallel and series electrical connections to control an LED and a buzzer. Read More ›

Activity 4 - Analog v.s. Digital
Exploring analog electronics by controlling the speed of a motor. Read More ›

Activity 2 and 3 - Introduction to Programming with Arduino
Students write a program to control their LED light circuits. Read More ›

Activity 1 - Building an LED Light Circuit
A hands on introduction to electricity and circuit building. Read More ›

Arrival in Kathmandu
First impressions, and scheduling the first activity. Read More ›

Getting Started
Making it a reality: proposal writing, making contacts, gathering resources. Read More ›

A Little Background...
How I decided to teach programming and electronics at SMD school in Kathmandu. Read More ›